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Affectionately known as "Belle”, Demetria L. Lucas is the author of two books—  A Belle in Brooklyn and Don't Waste Your Pretty; the creator of the award-winning personal blog; and the founder of Coached By Belle, a boutique life-coaching service, where Demetria helps clients solve their dating dilemmas and build healthy relationships. Demetria is also a contributing editor for The Root, where she pens two weekly columns, and is a contributing writer for the websites of The Grio, XO Jane, Essence, Clutch, Vibe Vixen and Uptown. She currently stars in the Bravo TV docu-drama series, "Blood Sweat & Heels", which debuts Jan. 5, 9PM

One of the reasons I go out so much is to be a better writer. I never know what will inspire me and I keep my mind and ears open to all manner of situations in the hopes that I will get a good thought off of it. The fight party on Saturday was a […]

Today’s a happy blog. Yesterday depressed the hell out of too many people. We’re just on an emotional rollercoaster this week, huh? When did I become so stiff? I went to the Chris Brown concert at MSG, last Thursday. I was surrounded by tens of thousands screaming, dancing teenagers who had no self-control when it […]

  My perspective changes based on my reality that moment and my experiences. Sometimes I read old blogs—published and unpublished—and I think, what the fuck was I thinking? Luckily, I put most things in context so I know what inspired a particular train of thought. I say that to say, take nothing that I write […]

I asked and I received. I was running low on blog topics awhile back and one of my bestests from the Old Country hit me with this idea. She’s married and in her late 20s, and has two of the most precious munchkins- almost 1, and nearly 4– on Earth. She wrote: At my wedding […]

Belle’s been bad. Well actually, Belle’s been good. I went to the Ne-Yo show at Spotlight Live last night. His new artists aren’t so bad– 2 were pretty good, in fact. If I hadn’t been so busy working the room, I probably would have caught their names. Maybe next time. I sat at the table […]

When I had an email address for the blog on the site, I used to get hit up all the time by aspiring writers and journalists asking what they can do to become better. One, good writers are good readers. Two, good writers observe. Three, great writers, write all the time, at least once […]

My iPod is the soundtrack to my life. I’ve picked up this annoying habit of never knowing what I want to hear. I’ve got 6500 songs –mostly R&B. When I’m in need of a story or a blog, I put it on Random and just listen, mostly as background music, hoping something will jump out […]

I have a thing about men and relationships. Here’s the deal society has given men— by virtue of being bestowed with a penis, He is to be a leader. He is to be head of the household. So the question that leaves me with is if he is to lead and head, what the hell […]

Rachel, a friend, somewhat recently quit a high-powered career in television to become a teacher. When she announced the decision, we all that it was noble, and highly necessary (If you’ve ever listened to teenagers talk on the train or bus, you know just how bad we need good teachers in the classroom.) Then Rachel […]

As far as I’m concerned, Boiler Point is MTVs best show. I am a woman with a relatively short fuse and I can empathize with people who go off. I was watching the show Sunday night and they presented four scenarios that would have me spazz in less than 5 minutes. As was, I was sitting on […]