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Affectionately known as "Belle”, Demetria L. Lucas is the author of two books—  A Belle in Brooklyn and Don't Waste Your Pretty; the creator of the award-winning personal blog; and the founder of Coached By Belle, a boutique life-coaching service, where Demetria helps clients solve their dating dilemmas and build healthy relationships. Demetria is also a contributing editor for The Root, where she pens two weekly columns, and is a contributing writer for the websites of The Grio, XO Jane, Essence, Clutch, Vibe Vixen and Uptown. She currently stars in the Bravo TV docu-drama series, "Blood Sweat & Heels", which debuts Jan. 5, 9PM

Sometimes the blogs just write themselves. I checked my MySpace inbox today. This is what I found: From: Demetria Date: Feb 15, 2008 11:17 AM Hello, My name is Demetria XXXXX and I write for Amsterdam News here in New York. I just use my first name for blogging and other stuff to stay semi-anonymous and what […]

  So I usually don’t plug movies on here. I ‘m not a spokesmodel and I don’t get paid for it, so what’s the point? I have to love something before I’ll tell others they have to have, see or listen to it. But I just got an email with the trailer for Be Kind, Rewind this […]

I have a habit of doing everything “big.” For my bday last year, I figured a way to get a magazine to sponsor my party (shout out to Suzanne and Tamera at, found a liquor sponsor (shot out to Darrin and “Gold Dresses Yaz” at 1800 Tequila), and co-hosted a party for 200 at […]

I waited till the last minute to make plans for V-day. So I baked the only thing I know how to make. It’s in the oven. I’m listening to the Bee Gees. I have a shower cap on my head because I’m dyeing my hair jet black to look perfect for tomorrow (I can’t cook, […]

  I just want you all to know, that I stayed at work late to get you a blog. It’s not the continuation of the survey (no time to compile all the quotes. I’ll get to it later). But this (more Joyce) is what’s on my mind for today: I went to brunch at my […]

Have you been telling people about Belle? I don’t know what happened, but we’ve got 2000 new readers in two weeks and an insane number of hits. This makes Belle happy! But who the hell is reading this thing? LOL! I’ve intentionally never put a full picture up, but I still get people asking, “hey, […]

Okay, so 1) I meant to post this morning, but I wanted to get 20 guy responses. Only had 18 when I got to work; 2) I intended to post the full results all at once, but the guys’ answers are so hilarious and insightful that I had to quote them. I’ll do the answers […]

Belle’s happy again, but she’s been busy. No more crying over yogurt for the the forseeable future. So last night I had dinner with two women and of course, we talked about men. I won’t tell you who said what, but it was me against them in terms of opinions on men. I tend to […]

  I don’t want to talk about relationships today. Belle needs meds. I’ve been having mood swings lately– and no, it’s not PMS. I was depressed as hell for two days, a horrible bout of self-loathing. I wrote, but it’s too damn depressing to post. Oh, I haven’t partied in 2 days. That should indicate […]

New York is a small country town of 8 million people. And I live on Main Street. I went out Wednesday night to a bourgeoisie Black politico affair with Patent not expecting to see anyone I knew. Frankly, I was looking forward to being anonymous. I go out way too often and it’s rare that […]