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Affectionately known as "Belle”, Demetria L. Lucas is the author of two books—  A Belle in Brooklyn and Don't Waste Your Pretty; the creator of the award-winning personal blog; and the founder of Coached By Belle, a boutique life-coaching service, where Demetria helps clients solve their dating dilemmas and build healthy relationships. Demetria is also a contributing editor for The Root, where she pens two weekly columns, and is a contributing writer for the websites of The Grio, XO Jane, Essence, Clutch, Vibe Vixen and Uptown. She currently stars in the Bravo TV docu-drama series, "Blood Sweat & Heels", which debuts Jan. 5, 9PM

I don’t know if it’s because I know what to look for now or it’s because spring is coming or what, but I’ve seen more male expression. I showed up to brunch at A. Bistro on time yesterday to meet up with three other black people. I was five minutes late. Another was 20 minutes. […]

  Being the “Industry Girl” that I am, I only party Monday thru Wednesday. Occasionally, I head out on a Friday or Saturday for a birthday party or any Keistar event, but those are few and far between. I live for the beginning of the week now (album release parties, liquor promos, new magazine issue […]

Sometimes I wonder if men have feelings. They don’t often express them in ways I understand (verbal, written) and even when they do, I don’t get it most of the time. A gentleman once spent five minutes stumbling over his words about us having much in common and wanting the same things out of life, […]

  I need a new pair of glasses. I don’t have 20/20 vision. I can see people and things well enough from a distance, but the details sometimes miss me. Most of the time, I prefer to live in my own soft edges bubble. Sometimes, I need to see clearly. Once per year, I look […]

 I read a story in the NY Post about a young woman who is suing Wendy Williams, her husband, and the media empire to which Wendy Williams is employed for sexual harassment. The ins and outs of her lawsuit were quickly (and thankfully) published by TMZ. The woman suing, Nicole, (I use her real name because it’s splashed all […]

sooo…. yeah. i contacted him, which through a series of events led to a conversation that didn’t lead to screaming. if you have no idea what I’m talking about, READ THIS The End

I laid around the house all Sunday afternoon watching Sex and the City and suddenly it dawned on me that I’d never written a blog about the show. It’s also been months since I watched it even though I own all the seasons on DVD. I don’t know how that happened. It’s had a gigantic impact on […]

Afternoon/Evening: So this afternoon went a lot better. I bounced out to get a haircut. (The vibration of the shears on my head is relaxing.) My barber must have sensed my woe cause he hooked my shape up extra tight. My head, it should thank him. My mirror certainly does! Ha! Then, I realize three […]

I took the last two posts down. It was the case that the latest duo might have offended some— totally not my intention. I know how many people read this thing, but when I write, I don’t always think about the far-reaching places my words might reach or the effects they can have in the […]

I know this blog is supposed to be lite and fluffy and about relationships, but that just ain’t where my head’s at right now. At least not when I’m off work. I write whatever inspires me and that topic—though there are tons of developments–just isn’t giving me the energy to write. Blame today’s blog on […]