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Affectionately known as "Belle”, Demetria L. Lucas is the author of two books—  A Belle in Brooklyn and Don't Waste Your Pretty; the creator of the award-winning personal blog; and the founder of Coached By Belle, a boutique life-coaching service, where Demetria helps clients solve their dating dilemmas and build healthy relationships. Demetria is also a contributing editor for The Root, where she pens two weekly columns, and is a contributing writer for the websites of The Grio, XO Jane, Essence, Clutch, Vibe Vixen and Uptown. She currently stars in the Bravo TV docu-drama series, "Blood Sweat & Heels", which debuts Jan. 5, 9PM

A couple months ago, a guy wrote in saying that he had found his girlfriend’s birth control pills in the trash. Wifey and me stop using latex a while ago. She is on the pill. Today, I go to dump the bathroom trash. I hear rattling. What do I find? Pills! She ain’t taking them. […]

“Can a woman really make a good leader?” I rolled my eyes dramatically and looked out at the Brooklyn, N.Y., skyline. I’d been invited to a rooftop event, a monthly brunch when a group of mostly accomplished women, with degrees and jobs and probably a side hustle or two, gather to network. Usually I prefer […]

Over the weekend, I attended a brunch where I had an interesting discussion with a few women, some of who hold a rather cynical view of relationships. The cynics believed that all men are capable cheating, and further this makes them justified in snooping through emails, cell phones, voicemails and stalking her significant other (and […]

Happy New Year!!!  Hey ya’ll. I’m back. I had a glorious holiday break. Hope you did the same.  I wrote a million blogs, but I’m posting them in the order I wrote them– which means you’ll get a New Year’s rant in about 12-15 days if I keep this up. I probably won’t. I’m feeling […]

July 8, 2007 In the days leading up to my birthday, I always take stock of where I am and where I want to be. To acknowledge the day in years past, I’ve written blogs about the things that every woman should know by whatever age I’m turning. This year, I’ve been inspired in a […]

Men of greater New York and beyond: Hollering at women is neither sport nor national pasttime. I get it. Today is like the third day of Spring and the ladies are out from underneath sweaters and coats. And yes, we are in our pastels and ruffles and heels, but hollering at me– even politely gets […]

I haven’t done this in awhile. I don’t know why. I encounter some hilarious people. If I ever write fiction, I’m incorporating these lines into the narrative. These people have quick wit and/or no self censor. I still find it odd that people think of me funny when they read the blog. I’m not used […]

I was going to wait till May 22nd, what would have been my grandmother’s next birthday, to post this again (it was originally on my MySpace blog. I’ve revised it some.). But my grandmother’s been on my mind heavy lately. I miss her. Wednesday, November 01, 2006 She was a little woman. Five feet on […]

Last Saturday I woke up this morning thinking about Spring. It was bright and sunshine-y outside and laying on top of the covers it was relatively warm in the bedroom. I got excited, made great plans for a fabulous dress and just my favorite denim jacket to be worn after I got my toes did […]

October 2004 Thursday I’d signed a lease for a new apartment a month prior and I was prepping for the move in three days. My boyfriend at the time had enlisted the help of a strong-armed friend who happened to have an SUV and they’d moved most of my packed boxes into my new space. […]