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“I took a break from dating, which inspired me to go natural. My head full of big kinky hair gave me confidence again! But now that I want to date again, nothing’s happening. My cousin says it’s because black men may be ‘intimidated by an Afro.’ Any truth to that?” –E.C. I won’t pretend for the […]

Back in September 2010, Josie Harris, the mother of three of boxer Floyd Mayweather’s children, filed a restraining order against and accused him of breaking into her home, attacking her by pulling her hair, throwing her to the floor in her living room and punching her in the head as two of the pair’s three children watched. […]

It’s timely for me that The Cut would broach the topic of how interns are treated. My latest one, my third, started on Monday. With her arrival, I’d been thinking about writing an essay called something like “How to Train and Treat Your Intern”. I planned to solicit stories from all my friends – anonymous, of course—about […]

On Tuesday, 16-year-old Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas led our women’s gymnastics team to a gold medal, the USA’s first since 1996. The bouncing, bubbly superstar will also be competing for the gold again today, one of just two Americans chosen after she outperformed media darling Jordyn Wieber, whom everyone expected to land a top spot. But […]

I know this probably won’t be a well-received article. The Varied Complexions of Black People is a guaranteed push-button topic, and too many writers have exploited the issue for hits. I hate that this will likely be taken in that context, but I assure you, that’s not what I’m up to. Hear me out to […]

I read an article yesterday: “7 Signs You Might Not Make a Good Wife.” It was another to add to the expansive list of “Hey, Black Girl, This Is What’s Wrong With You and Why You’re Not Married” stories. Sigh. For anyone whose ever had a breakup, tried to blame the downfall on their partner, […]

I see white people. Usually this wouldn’t be so significant. I live in New York City. They’re not the majority here, but they exist in significant numbers — 47 percent, in fact. These white people that I’m seeing now have caught my attention because of where I see them and how many of them I […]

“I know you don’t believe in discussing how many sexual partners you’ve had with someone you are dating, but what about if you are about to get married? Is that something that should be known — or, if your partner wants to know, should you discuss it?” –S.V. I’m not a fan of disclosing your number […]

What should I do about a guy friend I really love and care about — and I know he cares for me — who has said he doesn’t see me as his life partner? I am heartbroken and at a loss for words. Other folks see what I see whenever we are together. Should I […]

I went through my boyfriend’s phone and found out he’s been talking to his ex-girlfriend, who he told me he hadn’t been in contact with. He’s calling her pet names like “babe” and “sweetheart” — the same things he calls me — reminiscing about their past sex life, and the phone log shows they’ve been […]