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Adventures with White Man Leroy Part I is here 2013 is going to be the sh-t. I don’t know that for sure, but I’m trying to do what life coaches tell you to and speak my will into existence. It’s started off well-enough, anyway. On that rooftop in Johannesburg, we get wind of a house party […]

I’ve run off to South Africa the foreseeable future (up to 90 days). I bought a return ticket but it’s anybody’s guess as to whether I’m getting on the plane next week. That’s for two reasons. One, I like it here. There’s a similar vibe to what Brooklyn seemed like based on Spike Lee movies […]

“Where does the expression ‘hoes be winning’ come from? I never understood why so many women believe that only sucky women get good men. Am I naive? Can you clue me in?” –H.J.   Oh, where do I begin? I can’t pinpoint for the first use of the phrase, but I first began hearing it […]

Facebook is the dating world’s greatest gift and its greatest curse. For those seeking companionship, it opens up vast opportunities. It speeds up possible love connections by showcasing the bonds that tend to strengthen relationships: mutual friends, interests and points of view. Because so many users offer an intimate look into their lives through their […]

According to the Mayan calendar 21-12-12, tomorrow, is the end of the world. We’ve heard this before and for whatever reason God has spared womankind. Until this afternoon, I assumed we’d get another reprieve. But now the signs point to the end being imminent. I say this with a heavy heart, ya’ll:   Michael Ealy […]

Surely you’ve been following the fallout from ex-CIA director David Petraeus’ affair. You can hardly turn on a news channel without seeing a salacious update. Given that Petraeus’ gigantic screwup has led to repercussions beyond anyone’s juiciest imagination, so many of us have been wondering just why he did it. The usual motivations have been […]

I’ve published this with a bit of trepidation. Years ago, a fellow writer-friend wrote a similarly titled post about how to be a good jump off and hell fire and damnation rained upon him from across the Internet.  To be clear: in no way am I suggesting that a side-chick is a role to strive […]

“My boyfriend wants me to send him some sexy pictures, and I’m hesitant about it. Aside from the fear of them somehow getting out and ruining my hypothetical chances of running for Congress, I’m no Victoria’s Secret model! With all these naked picture scandals, are women still sending their men sexy pictures?” –R.M.  The advent of […]

Over the weekend, I stumbled across a story in The New York Times “Admitted, but Left Out” about Black students who attend or did attend elite, mostly white private schools in New York City. Unsurprisingly, the article took on a familiar refrain, documenting the awkwardness and difficulty that students of color can encounter when they don’t match […]

“How often are affairs nonsexual? I’ve dated married women before. Two relationships were not sexual — not because they didn’t want it but because I wasn’t interested.” –F.T. Wow. I’m sure the husbands of the two women you didn’t have sex with appreciate your lack of carnal interest in their wives. But you don’t get any […]