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“Who is Rachel Jeantel?”   I was clueless about this name that suddenly took over my social media timelines on Wednesday. I would have known immediately, if I hadn’t stopped following the Trayvon Martin case. It’s been over a year since Trayvon died, and in that time I feel that the character of that 17-year-old […]

Last week, I got a call from a producer at Life + Times aka Jay-Z’s website. It was an invite to sit on a panel with two industry vets—Datwon Thomas and Shaheem Reid. (If you don’t know who they are, Google, especially if you’re an aspiring writer.) I would have said “yes!” no matter who was on […]

Last week, I was contacted on Twitter by a man who recently stumbled across an article I’d once written about street harassment, the bane of existence for every black woman walking, well, the street. My piece mused on the best way to engage the sorts of men who yell at women to “smile,” tell them […]

It all started– for me– when my father won a family trip to Senegal when I was around 10. I’d been out the country before, of course. But I was little so I didn’t need a passport. This time, I would.   So one day my mother picks me up from school and we go […]

At 32*, I wrote about not finding that fine line between between being a brand and being well, me. I never figured out which side to fall on. In fact, I’m more confused now than ever. I just habitually line step and hope for the best. There was a time when I could say what […]

We’re more than a decade into the 21st century. I’d hoped– in vain– that some basic understandings of how non-Black people should interact with Black people could be something I could take for granted. But no. Somehow there are “those people” who remain entirely clueless, so much so that they will call a 9-year old […]

Note: Please click the links in the article.  Ok, back to business.   Are you: Single? A Black woman? Over 15? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then you’re likely desperate to get married. College- educated? Oh, you’re definitely desperate. It doesn’t matter if you claim to have a boyfriend, a fiancé, you’re a lesbian, don’t want […]

(The Root) — With all the fuss over what’s keeping black women and black men from jumping the broom, black married couples have been lost in the fray. Yes, of course, they exist! In fact, the vast majority of black women and men do indeed get married.   Of course, many of us are putting […]

“What’s your take on men who refer to women as ‘females’? Dude hit me up on a dating site, and his profile, when describing what he’s looking for, referred to women as females through the whole thing. Why couldn’t he just say ‘ladies’ or ‘women’?”–D.F.   Some form of this question comes up on a […]

Adventures with White Man Leroy, Part 1 Adventures with White Man Leroy, Part 2   I have no idea what goes on at the pool. I can’t see it from the DJ booth. And even if I did know, I would not tell because what happens in Johannesburg – at least the wildest stuff—stays in Johannesburg. Anyway, […]