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I have to give a nod to Boyce Watkins for putting me on to  “’25 Sitting On 25 Mill’: Why Rap Culture Is Ruining Our Generation’s Perception of Money”. Writer Jennifer Sanchez put into words an issue that I’ve thought about often, but for some reason I’ve never written about.   Sanchez (hilariously*) writes:   […]

Earlier this week the Washington Post published a list of “The 10 D.C. Guys We’ve All Dated.” It included “the chill Republican dude” who wears shirts with whales on them, “the organic kale guy” who makes homemade quiche and “the Clarendon guy” who downs shots of Fireball and never misses brunch. While I’m sure there are chill black Republicans […]

In case you missed it: Part 1, Part 2 In 2002, I’m back in the same position I was the summer of ’99. I moved to New York for graduate school, graduated, then couldn’t find a job so I moved back home to Maryland. I never unpack the boxes of my stuff because that would be like accepting […]

When I was 20, I studied abroad in London. But that’s not the part that matters (and I’ve told that story many times before), this is: the summer before I left for the UK, I was at a local electronics store in June, shopping for CDs and met a guy. I hadn’t handed out my […]

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The previous ‘chapters to “The Spring Break That Never Should Have Happened” are here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3   The bail bondsman isn’t there when Margaret, the officer and I arrive at the jail. I heed my mother’s advice to take care of Margaret and plead with the officer not to […]

Who makes fun of Harriet Tubman? Russell Simmons. That’s who.   Yesterday evening, a curious hashtag began to appear on Twitter, #harriettubmansextape. It was a video spoof, billed as “an off-record account of how Harriet Tubman blackmailed her master into letting her run the Underground Railroad!”   No. I’m not making this up.  I couldn’t if I […]

Part 1  Part 2  My Mom calls me back as I’m following the police car with Margaret in it. The officer said the station was 10 minutes away and we’re driving straight down a two-lane road with no street lights. We should be there shortly. Mum’s update is that she managed to track down my […]

The Spring Break That Shouldn’t Have Happened, Part 1 is here I’d been thinking of what to do with the money I’d saved that week, since Lonnie’s boyfriend, his roommate and his friends picked up the tab for everything the whole time. The only money I’d spent was splitting the cost of gas with Lonnie on the […]

More than a decade ago, my father made an unusual decision. I’d asked to drive to Atlanta (10 hour drive) with my best friend for Spring Break my senior year of college. I usually skipped SB all together. The drinking age, obviously, was 21, and I was 20 when I graduated in college, so in […]

I have a writer idol, actually several, but one in particular has always stood out as the be all and end all of how I’ve wanted my skillls as a writer to be perceived. She’s got this unique and amazing way of stating things simply, but capturing the complexities of whatever she’s writing about. And […]