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I cursed on Twitter Sunday night. For regular readers of my blog, these means nothing, except you know how my Daddy feels about that. But I’ve made it a four-year habit of not dropping swear-bombs on social media, at least not without the *** to clean it up and keep it cute.   It takes […]

Perhaps you’re one of the more than 2 million people who have watched the latest viral video of a 4-year-old dancing her heart at a recital. The video was uploaded in June, but it’s only recently become a hit with several news outlets, including the New York Daily News, the Daily Mail and Yahoo covering […]

I, like a bunch of other people, watched the much-talked about showdown between Omarosa & Bethenny on Wednesday, a TV event in which two women who obviously don’t like each other sat on the same couch, squabbling about how equally unimpressed they are with each other. In so many words, Omarosa told Bethenny that the […]

I orginally submitted an essay about my issue with slave/servitude movies on Sept. 25, weeks before “12 Years As A Slave” had its limited release in theatres and before I had seen the film.    Since then, I have seen it, (and wrote a review for The Root.) In short,  my thoughts on “12 Years As […]

Kanye West has lost his damn mind.   I thought that when he made an ode to Kim Kardashian calling her his “perfect bitch”, then announced she was pregnant for him—while she was still married to someone else— by calling her his “baby mama”. There was that short-lived campaign to get KK a star on the […]

I wish I could take credit for this one. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted to say, but notably didn’t put so cleanly, about the backlash to ‘Scandal’. Dear Urban Sophisticate, you won for this one!!!   “Our society also suggests that women live and navigate their lives by the directions of a moral compass created by […]

“My girlfriend and I are planning to visit my mother. She’s upset because my mother has told us we’ll have to sleep in separate rooms, since we are not married. My girlfriend says I let my mother push me around too much, but my mother has always had these rules. My girlfriend is now suggesting […]

Last week, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in prison for corruption. Even though Kilpatrick’s name has become synonymous with corrupt politics, most people outside of Detroit don’t know the details of the case that landed Kilpatrick a conviction in March for racketeering conspiracy, fraud, extortion and tax crimes.   To some people, […]

In case you missed it: Part 1, Part 2  The morning I was supposed to be dressing for the brunch that like everybody would be at—except me—I got a call from my boy, the first one I mentioned. He was frantic. He wanted me to cross state lines and come visit him. A few months prior, he’d […]

The Other Side of the Game, Part 1 This happened: My boy, a different one, threw a brunch for his birthday a week after I got back from Miami. Me and three friends had gone down for a week—four of us in a double room at the “good” Marriott by Nikki Beach. We ate, drank, and […]